As an young and sensible artist, Viktoria concerns herself with beauty – beauty in the world, beauty in nature. Her paintings contain element of her own life, places she’s been – Costa Rica, America, England, Scandinavia and Mediterranean. 

With loosely rendered paint, color and an obvious presence of exposed canvas she depicts skies, oceans, desert, snowscapes and cityscapes. The scenes often include figures; riders on horseback, people walking along a beach, skaters on a frozen lake. The figures interact with their surroundings. They enjoy the spaces and celebrate them. These works are about a celebration. A celebration of life. 

Her paintings are independent and original. Her work significantly differs from tradition Nordic landscape painting is explained by the fact that her training has been supported by the teachings of painting in England. Viktoria paints with acrylic and oil. Her compositions hold wide panoramic landscapes with a deep dimension. She covers these visions in veil of mist that surrounds the ice and snow with figure near and far.

Viktoria works with life drawing and as graphic artist. Her graphics provide an equal scale the compositional characteristics of the large oil paintings. 

With light sketchy marks, she finds and reproduces a female universe.

Her top models are elegant and sensual, they sit composedly in an almost detached severe attitude, if it were not for the eye that furtively the veil, offering the observer the mystery of the eternal feminine.

Scheda critica a cura di: Teddy Brunius